about me

I’m Brett Cote.  I’m an MC1 with 11 years in the Navy.  I was a legacy JO, but now I’m a full-fledged MC.

In addition to JO “A” school, I’ve attended Video Production and Documentation “C” school.  I’ve also attended the Military Advanced Motion Media program at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications.

I’m currently stationed at Fleet Combat Camera Pacific.   My past commands include Defense Media Activity, a previous tour at West Coast Combat Camera, and NAS Meridian, Miss.

//Facebook: cote brett
//Twitter:  @bpcote1
//Instagram: bpcote1
//gmail: brett.patrick.cote@gmail

Welcome to MilC digital.  This is my foray into the world of blogging.  I’m going to focus on all things MC and my opinions on those things.

I’m not personally inclined to blog, but the tools of our trade are changing really fast.  So, this is part of my effort to stay current on all the mass comm skills and tools.

I’m going to try to keep my posts casual and conversational.  I apologize in advance to my legacy JO brethren, because I will definitely be straying from AP Style; lo siento hermanos.

If you dig what I’m laying down here, you might want to follow me on Twitter (@bpcote1).  Most of my tweets are retweets of the media pros who I follow.

One final note:  I want to thank MC3 Glenn Slaughter (USS Nimitz) for inspiring me to start a blog.  He does an MC-centric blog called “I am your eyes” (http://usnavymc.blogspot.com/).  Check it out.



3 responses to “about me

  • Glenn Slaughter

    You sure can Matthew. MC1 may be out on assignment, so feel free to hit me up via I Am Your Eyes on Facebook with any questions about that.

  • Matthew Rief

    Is it possible to take college classes while being an MC? I just enlisted for this rating and am hoping to get my bachelors while in the navy and use the GI for my masters.

    • MilC digital

      Matthew, You can definitely take classes on your own time, and Navy tuition assistance will pay for it. You can’t take classes while you are at “A” school, and you’ve traditionally had to wait a year after checking into your first command before you can apply for tuition assistance. Another education opportunity for MCs is the Syracuse program where the Navy sends you to Syracuse University for a year to study advanced photo or advanced video. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I just got home from deployment. Feel free to friend me on Facebook if you wanna chat some more. Good luck! -bc

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